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Billing Boats has been a market leader in the USA since 1965 with over 400,000 model boat kit varieties sold. These model boat kits are renowned for their authenticity and quality and are highly sought after by model and hobby boat enthusiasts the world over.

Billing Boats model kits include a range of sleek, fast Viking ships, famous wooden sailing ships from history including, Frigates, Man-O-Wars, & Clipper Ships. Historical significant ships such as the Mayflower or HMS Bounty, and a host of old and new boats that have made maritime history!

In addition to our authentic "plank-on-frame" construction (exactly the same way that real ships are built), we have some models with ABS (plastic) hulls that are ideal for making these remote control boats! is the one stop source for consumers, museums, and hobby shop retailers interested in purchasing our quality model boats, hobby tools, craft tools, model boat fittings, and accessories. The site is ideal for safe and confidential e-commerce, so shop with confidence - we're committed to your complete satisfaction.

Look here for frequent special offers, helpful links for tips and "how-to's" hobby shop retailer listing, tips and suggestions to help make creating your Billing Boat masterpiece most rewarding.

Start with our entry level kits and graduate up to our most detailed. Model boat making is a fun, educational, and satisfying activity and is a hobby that stays with you for life!

Due to changes in the way Billing Boats distribute around the world, Ages of Sail has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the USA.
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