Marie Jeanne


  • BB580
  • Wooden hull
  • 1:50 scale
  • 19.69″H 22.44″L 5.12″W
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Scale model of a 19th century Dundee. Wooden hull 1:50 scale 19.69″H 22.44″L 5.12″W

Tunny fishing is a very strenuous occupation that requires really strong seaworthy boats that are really fast. Many types were used originally, some were too clumsy and ‘Chaluppes’ of about 20 ton were not sufficiently strong and the following boat type developed. It is a ‘dundee’ of about 50 or 60 tons rigged with many sails and carrying a 12 men crew. The white tunny is caught with lines. The funny fishing boats are equipped with ‘tangons’, long poles, more than 20m long. They are placed on each side of the main mast, and they are lowered down on each side, when the boat is fishing. Normally every ‘tangon’ has 7 lines, which are connected to each other by ropes, which enables the fishermen to drag the tunnies aboard without touching the position of the ‘tangons’. Two other lines are fixed to the stern and often a third – very long one – is fixed to the top of the main mast. The lines end in a so called ‘avancon’ made of brass wire, where the fishing hook is fixed. The bite is artificial as the white tunny is very greedy. The bite is f.i. made of white hair with a bit of corn straw.

This kit contains English translation instructions, all measurements in the booklet are in Metric.

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#4, BB#7, BB#11, BB#14, BB#17, BB#36, + BB#40 thinner/cleaner

Helpful Tools:

Paint & Accessories

Sanding, Files, and Abrasives

Hammers, Nails, & Pins

Saws and Saw Blades

Marking & Measuring Tools

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 in


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BB580 Marie Jeanne Instructions


Marie Jeanne Instructions