Elbjørn Ice Breaker

Elbjørn Ice Breaker, Billing Boats BB536

In the period 1954 – 1996 M/S Elbjørn was an active part of the Danish icebreaker service. The career as icebreaker ended abruptly on February 12th, 1996, when a DC dynamo exploded. Elbjørn could proceed to port under its own power, but it was clear that its icebreaker days were over. Today, Elbjørn at Aalborg’s waterfront, where the ship operatesas a restaurant and museum ship.

Kit Contents:
Plan with building instructions German, English, Danish. Hull is of single plank-on-bulkhead construction. Fittings are of wood, brass and plastic. This kit is designed for RC operation, but can be built as a display model.

Scale 1:75
Length 27.2″
Height 14.1″
Width 6.3″

This is a kit for an Experienced builder.


About: Elbjørn Ice Breaker

The Elbjørn Ice Breaker

The Elbjorn Ice Breaker is a remarkable vessel that has been specifically designed and built for the purpose of breaking through thick layers of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This powerful ship is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features that allow it to navigate through the treacherous and icy waters with ease. The Elbjorn is a massive ship, measuring over 100 meters in length and weighing over 10,000 tons. It is powered by a combination of diesel engines and electric motors, giving it a total output of 25,000 horsepower. This impressive power allows the Elbjorn to break through ice that is up to 2 meters thick, making it a crucial vessel for scientific expeditions and cargo transportation in polar regions.

The Elbjorn is not just a powerful ice breaker, but it is also a well-equipped research vessel. It has a spacious deck and laboratory facilities that allow scientists to conduct their research and experiments while on board. The ship is also equipped with advanced communication systems, including satellite internet, which enables researchers to stay connected with the outside world and share their findings in real-time. This makes the Elbjorn a valuable asset for scientists studying the effects of climate change and the unique ecosystems of the polar regions.

In addition to its scientific capabilities, the Elbjorn also serves as a lifeline for communities living in remote and isolated areas of the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship has the ability to transport essential supplies and equipment to these communities, ensuring their survival in harsh and unforgiving environments. The Elbjorn has also been used for search and rescue missions in emergency situations, saving countless lives in the process.

One of the most impressive features of the Elbjorn is its ice-breaking technology. The ship is equipped with a reinforced hull and a powerful bow that can break through ice by using its weight and momentum. The Elbjorn also has a unique design that allows it to ride up on the ice, using its weight to crack and break it. This efficient and effective ice-breaking technology makes the Elbjorn a crucial vessel for navigating through frozen waters and reaching remote locations.

The Elbjorn Ice Breaker is not only a technological marvel but also a symbol of human determination and resilience. Its construction and capabilities are a testament to our ability to overcome the challenges of the natural world and push the boundaries of exploration. The Elbjorn has opened up new possibilities for scientific research, transportation, and emergency response in the polar regions, making it a vital asset for humanity’s continued exploration and understanding of these remote and extreme environments.

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