USCG Rescue Boat

Famous USCG Rescue Boat Plastic hull Model Kit

1:40 scale, 9.29″ H 14.29″ L 4.21″ W

This 44-foot Coast Guard is a very seaworthy lifeboat, designed to carry out search and rescue assignments in poor weather and water conditions. With a skilled and experienced crew, this vessel can carry out the most demanding of rescue operations. The vesel is self stabilizing. Built in 1961 at the Coast Guard shipyard in Curtis Bay, Maryland. Kit comes with hull, fittings, stern tube and shaft, rudder, plan and manual. Kit includes plastic hull, stern tube with shaft, rudder, fittings set, plan and manual.Plastic hull 1:40 scale, 9.29″ H 14.29″ L 4.21″ W

This kit comes with English instructions, all measurements inside the booklet are in Metric.

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#4, BB#9, BB#11, BB#12, BB#13, BB#14, BB#15, BB#18, BB#35, + BB#40 thinner

Helpful Tools:

Paint & Accessories

Handy 9-Piece Model Tool Set

Tweezers and Pick-up Tools

Magnifying Tools & Headlamps

Knives, Blades, and Cutters

  • BB100
  • Plastic hull
  • 1:40 scale
  • 9.29″ H 14.29″ L 4.21″ W

About: USCG Rescue Boat

About 44-foot USCG Rescue Boat

The 44-foot USCG Rescue Boat is an impressive vessel designed to brave the roughest of seas and save lives in the most challenging of conditions. With a length of 44 feet, it is a medium-sized boat that strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. The boat is made from a durable aluminum hull, making it lightweight yet strong enough to withstand heavy waves and harsh weather. The sleek design of the boat also allows it to cut through the water with ease, making it a reliable asset in emergency situations.

Equipped with twin diesel engines, the 44-foot USCG Rescue Boat has a top speed of over 40 knots, allowing it to quickly respond to distress calls and reach its destination in record time. The boat also has a range of 300 nautical miles, ensuring that it can cover a vast area and reach remote locations if needed. It has a fuel capacity of 400 gallons, providing enough fuel for extended operations.

The 44-foot USCG Rescue Boat is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to aid in rescue missions. It has a navigation and communication system that allows the crew to communicate with other vessels and shore stations, ensuring seamless coordination during rescue operations. The boat is also equipped with a radar system, GPS, and depth sounder to help navigate through rough waters and avoid any obstacles.

The highlight of the Coast Guard Rescue Boat is its rescue and recovery capabilities. It has a stern launching ramp that enables the crew to quickly deploy a small rescue craft, such as a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), to reach areas that are inaccessible to the larger vessel. The boat is also equipped with a hydraulic hoist and crane, which can be used to lift and transfer survivors from the water onto the deck of the rescue boat. This makes it possible to rescue multiple individuals at once, speeding up the rescue process and increasing the chances of saving lives.

The 44-foot Rescue Boat can accommodate a crew of 4-6 members, including a Coxswain (the person in charge of operating the boat), an engineer, and rescue swimmers. The boat is designed with the safety and comfort of the crew in mind, with a spacious cabin area equipped with heating and air conditioning. It also has bunks for resting during long missions and a galley for preparing meals.

In addition to its primary role in search and rescue operations, the 44-foot Rescue Boat also plays a crucial role in maritime law enforcement. It is equipped with a powerful searchlight, siren, and public address system, making it an effective tool in enforcing maritime laws and regulations.

In conclusion, the 44-foot US Coast Guard Rescue Boat is a versatile and reliable vessel that is essential in saving lives at sea. With its advanced technology, impressive speed and range, and exceptional rescue and recovery capabilities, it is a vital asset to the Coast Guard and a symbol of hope for those in distress on the open waters.

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