Smit Nederland

Scale model of a Dutch ocean-going tug the Smit Nederland – BB528

ABS hull

1:33 scale,  20.47″H,  34.25″L,  10.63″W

The Smit Nederland is a powerful and versatile tug boat that has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient vessels in the maritime industry. Built in 1979 by the Dutch shipyard BV Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek, this tug boat has a rich history and an impressive track record of successful operations.

Measuring 75 meters in length and with a gross tonnage of 2,500 tons, the Smit Nederland is an imposing vessel that can handle even the most challenging of tasks. Its hull is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough seas, making it a reliable and safe choice for towing and salvage operations.

Kit includes plastic hull, laser cut wooden strips, stern tube with shaft, rudder, kort nozzle, fittings set, plan and manual. Scale model of a Dutch ocean-going tug.

Plastic hull
1:33 scale 20.47″H 34.25″L 10.63″W

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#2, BB#4, BB#5, BB#6, BB#8, BB#10, BB#11, BB#12, BB#13, BB#14, BB#17, BB#18, BB#21, BB#23, BB#30, + BB#40 thinner

Helpful Tools:

Paint & Accessories

Marking & Measuring Tools

Tweezers and Pick-up Tools

Magnifying tools & headlamps

Knives, Blades, and Cutters

  • BB528
  • Plastic hull.
  • 1:33 scale
  • 20.47″H 34.25″L 10.63″W

About: Smit Nederland

More information about the Smit Nederland tug

The Smit Nederland was built in 1979 at the BV Scheepswerft & Machinefebriek De Merwede in Hardinzveld, Holland. Top speed is 12 knots with 2 Diesel engines that yield 1800 HP. A special detail of this ship is the propellers, which are equipped with reversable blades in jet streams, and two basin rudders which ensure good maneuverability.

Equipped with a powerful propulsion system, the Smit Nederland has a bollard pull of 120 tons, allowing it to easily tow large vessels and barges with ease. It also has a dynamic positioning system, which enables it to maintain its position and orientation in any given location, even in adverse weather conditions.

One of the most notable features of the ship is its fire-fighting capabilities. It is equipped with a FiFi 1 system, which means it can deliver up to 12,000 cubic meters of water per hour at a distance of 150 meters. This makes it a crucial asset in emergency situations, particularly in the event of a ship fire.

The Smit Nederland is also designed with the safety and comfort of its crew in mind. It has spacious and well-equipped living quarters, a well-stocked galley, and a fully equipped gym to ensure the physical and mental well-being of its crew. It is also equipped with advanced navigational and communication systems, ensuring efficient and safe operations at all times.

Over the years, the Smit Nederland has been involved in numerous notable operations. It has assisted in the salvage of large container ships, towed oil rigs and platforms, and provided support during major offshore installations. Its reliability and efficiency have earned it the trust and admiration of its clients, making it a highly sought-after vessel in the industry.

In conclusion, the Smit Nederland is a formidable and highly capable tug boat that has proven its worth time and time again. Its advanced features, powerful capabilities, and experienced crew make it an invaluable asset in the world of maritime operations. With its impressive track record and unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency, the Smit Nederland is a true powerhouse of the seas.

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