HMS Renown

Scale model of the steam pinnace the HMS Renown

1:35 scale, Wooden hull, 5.51″H, 17.71″L, 3.74″W

In the mid 1800’s, the Royal Navy began to equip its larger men-of-war with so-called steam barges or steam pinnaces. After experiments with a number of different types, 30, 40, 50 and 56 ft boats became most widely used. By the end of the century, the first motor pinnaces were ready for duty. When the First World War broke out however, steam boats returned to the scene. The 50 ft pinnace or ‘HMS Renown’ dates from this period.   The boats had a small forepeak, a crew compartment, a boiler room and a cabin. Above the crews’ quarters was a conical steel base with a permanent universal ring, on which a 3-lb quick-firing cannon or maxim machine gun could be mounted. This type of boat was used for a variety of tasks; taking officers between boats, or to patrol the mouths of harbours for the protection of ships anchored therein hence the name ‘picket boats’.

Kit includes laser-cut wooden hull frames and wooden strips, fittings set, plan and manual.

All of the 600 Series Model Boat Kits (item numbers 600-609) include an easier way of building the hull. The hull is assembled in halves, on a table. This allows for easier assembly and is quite useful in learning plank-on-frame or plank-on-bulkhead construction! Once each half is done you join the two for a completed hull. Make sure you work each half in opposite directions so that when joined they marry up evenly!

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#5, BB#11, BB#12, BB#14, BB#15, BB#16, BB#17, BB#18, BB#35, BB#36, + BB#40 thinner

Helpful Tools:

Paint & Accessories

Sanding, Files, and Abrasives

Hammers, Nails, & Pins

Saws and Saw Blades

Marking & Measuring Tools


About: HMS Renown

More information about the HMS Renown

The HMS Renown was a majestic and formidable ship, known for its impressive size and powerful capabilities. Commissioned in 1916, it was one of the most advanced battlecruisers of its time, designed to provide support and protection for the British Royal Navy’s fleet. Measuring over 794 feet in length and weighing over 30,000 tons, the Renown was a true behemoth on the seas.

The ship’s exterior was a sight to behold, with its sleek and streamlined design giving it a sense of speed and agility. Its hull was painted in a striking dark grey color, with the iconic white and red stripes of the Royal Navy adorning its sides. The Renown was equipped with eight 15-inch guns, making it a formidable force in battle. It also had a top speed of 32 knots, allowing it to outrun most other ships of its time.

But it was not just its size and weaponry that made the HMS Renown stand out. The ship was also known for its luxurious and comfortable living quarters, with spacious cabins for officers and crew members alike. The ship’s interior was adorned with elegant wood paneling and plush furnishings, giving it a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

The Renown was also equipped with the latest technology and innovations, making it a highly efficient and effective warship. It had advanced communication systems, allowing it to stay in constant contact with other ships and receive vital information. It also had a powerful radar system, giving it an advantage in detecting and tracking enemy ships.

Throughout its years of service, the HMS Renown played a crucial role in several significant battles and operations. It was a vital part of the Grand Fleet during World War I, providing support and protection during the Battle of Jutland. It also played a crucial role in the Mediterranean during World War II, participating in the famous attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the HMS Renown was not without its share of challenges. It faced several setbacks, including a collision with another ship and damage from enemy attacks. However, it always managed to overcome these obstacles and continue its service with honor and distinction.

After decades of service, the HMS Renown was eventually decommissioned in 1948. But its legacy lives on, as it remains one of the most iconic and revered ships in British naval history. Its impressive size, advanced technology, and significant role in major battles have cemented its place as a true legend of the seas. The HMS Renown will always be remembered as a symbol of strength, power, and resilience, and its name will continue to inspire future generations of sailors and naval enthusiasts.

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