Nordlandsbaaden Viking Ship


  • BB416-WJ1016
  • Scale 1:20
    Length 28″
    Height 28″
    Width 6.7″
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Nordlandsbaaden is a type of Viking ship, from Northern Norway, dates from the 17th Century. As a fishing boat it saw its most popular days from the 18th Century until the appearance of engine-driven fishing boats.

These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a shipping culture and form which originates from the days of the Vikings. The boats are still built today, and they compete in races and regattas along the Northern coasts.

Billing Boats brings to you this unique boat in a large 1:20 scale, making for a completed model about 28″ long. The kit features laser-cut wooden parts, including framework, building jig, and pre-shaped hull planks. Fittings are provided in wood, metal, and plastic.

While a relatively simple design, the Nordlandsbaaden kit is recommended for experienced modelers, due to the open-hull design, and clinker-style planking.

Simple, diagram-style instructions include text in English, French, German, Danish; Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Instructions can be downloaded here, and the planview here.

Scale 1:20
Length 28″
Height 28″
Width 6.7″


Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 31 × 12 in


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