Utility Snips (140mm)

• PSC0001/S
• Suitable for tougher materials; card, textiles, rubbers, leathers and paper
• Ideal for craft, hobby & general household use


About: Utility Snips (140mm)

Modelcraft Utility Snips (140mm)

These multipurpose universal scissors with reinforced cutting edges are suitable for tougher materials such as, card, textiles, rubbers, leathers & paper. Ideal for craft, hobby & general household use. 2 sizes available PSC0001/S 140mm & PSC0001/L 180mm.

Snips & Scissors

The Modelcraft Collection includes a choice of small Snips and Scissors, suitable for precision cutting & trimming where close up control is required. From delicate tasks to cuts in tougher materials, Model Craft has the tool to do the job.

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