Plastic Cutter/Scriber

• PKN4150
• Leaves no burrs
• Ensures clean and smooth scribed lines


About: Plastic Cutter/Scriber

Modelcraft Plastic Cutter Scriber

Ideal for scribing and cutting laminated plastics and acrylics. The unique design of the blade ensures clean and smooth scribed lines and leaves no burrs. Replacement blades are available (PKN4150/B).

Knives & Cutters

The Modelcraft Collection includes specialist Knives & Cutters suitable for a wide variety of applications, including cutting, carving, sawing, gouging, etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming. From simple cuts in paper or card, to scribing and trimming laminated plastics and acrylics, Model Craft has the right tool for the job.

Recommended Add-Ons:

12” Steel Rule – Standard & Metric

Replacement Blades for PKN4150. Package of 5

Needle File Box Set (6)

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