6 Pce Torx Screwdrivers Set


New product

• Satin chrome plated and black finish tips
• Colour coded to easily verify sizes
• Set of 6 nickel chrome molybdenum alloy steel (SAE8660) + Vanadium steel:
• T6 X 50mm
• T7 X 50mm
• T8 X 50mm
• T9 X 50mm
• T10 X 50mm
• T15 X 50mm

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Modelcraft 6 Pce Torx Screwdrivers Set

Torx driver is used for 6 point star- shaped pattern screw heads. This is commonly found on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle brake systems, hard disk drives, computer systems and consumer electronics. These Torx drivers have become increasingly popular especially in the construction industry