3 Sided Scraper



• For scraping and deburring
• Use on metal, plastics & laminates
• Safety holder with reversible blade

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Modelcraft 3 Sided Scraper

A sturdy handle with three-sided sharp tip, designed for scraping and deburring plastic, soft metal, laminates and removing solder. It has a safety holder with reversible blade. A useful tool for modelling, crafts & smaller DIY tasks. Excellent for scraping and deburring plastics, metal, laminates etc.

Drills, Reamers & Tool Holders

Successful drilling depends not only on using the right drill bit for the job, but also in using the right techniques to guarantee accuracy. It could well be that a small Archimedean drill will allow you more control than mounting the bit into an oversize power drill. Taper reamers are ideal for finishing and deburring panel holes.

Excellent for scraping and deburring plastics, metal, laminates etc. Reversable head for safe storage.

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