Small Multi Clamps (40mm) x 2


• 2 unique multi clamps with 80mm beams & two jaws each
• Can be used for clamping, spreading & to create a jig
• Capacity between the beams 40mm
• For holding & clamping work pieces whilst gluing, painting etc.


About: Small Multi Clamps (40mm) x 2

Small Multi-Clamp x2. 75mm beams with 2 jaws each. These unique clamps developed in France are made of technologically advanced materials used in the aircraft industry. Beams are made of high density carbon fibers and the jaws are incredibly supple giving the clamps a tactile flexibility and pressure sensitivity similar to the human hand.

Use the clamps in various combinations to press on otherwise hard to reach surfaces for increased strength and holding power. By reversing the direction of the buffers, these multi clamps can be used as spreading tools. Ideal for holding work pieces for painting, weathering etc. By using a base (such as a rectangular piece of wood), and with a washer and screw you can design your own jig system. Alternatively, drill a hole in the base to hold items using a single rod and jaw.

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