Curved Locking Forceps Jaws (Serrated)

  • PCL5046
  • Stainless steel with quality box joint construction
  • For gripping, holding & pulling tasks
  • Used by model builders, jewellers, miniaturists, cake decorators, anglers & flower arrangers

About: Curved Locking Forceps Jaws (Serrated)

Modelcraft Curved Locking Forceps Jaws (Serrated) (150mm)

Although used by surgeons, these are now used extensively by model builders, jewellers, miniaturists, anglers, electronic hobbyists, cake decorators and even flower arrangers.

Locking Forceps, 6″ or150mm with curved jaws

Stainless steel with “box-joint” construction, these forceps lock to securely hold small objects.

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