StyroSten 3 in 1 Tool



About: StyroSten 3 in 1 Tool

Modelcraft StyroSten 3 in 1 tool Hot Wire Cutter, Hot Knife & Stencil Burner

• Hot wire cutter for polystyrene and foam cutting

• Hot knife for detail and interior cuts outs

• Stencil burner to create instant bespoke stencils

• Battery operated (4 X AA Batteries required)

Hot Wire Cutter

• Heats instantly, creating fast clean precision cuts

• Excellent for school & art projects and for casting & moulds

• Perfect for cutting bespoke cake dummies & toppers

Stencil Burner

• Cuts easily without ragged edges

• Quickly and effectively cuts bespoke mylar stencils

• Brilliant for creating quality signs & displays, home decorating, interior design & architectural elements

Hot Knife

• Ideal for plunging, slicing & dicing

• Create, carve and cut in any direction

• Make channels in cake dummies for flower stems

• Essential for home craft, DIY, hobby projects & personalised storage space

3 in 1 tool

The versatile and easy to use 3 in1 tool. Including a hot wire cutter for polystyrene and foam cutting, a hot knife for detail and interior cut outs and a stencil burner to create instant bespoke stencils. Includes 2 replacement wires. Requires 4 X AA Batteries (Not included).


• Open the lid (1) at the bottom of the battery case, insert the batteries as illustrated

• Use alkaline batteries for best results or rechargeable batteries


• Plug the tip (2) into the base unit

• Open up the stand (3)

• Stand unit up

• Switch on/off


• When using, push stand upwards as indicated

• The LED (4) indicates when the base unit is turned on

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