Mahogany Strips 0.7x5x550mm

  • BW1005
  • 0.7x5x550mm.
  • pack of 10

About: Mahogany Strips 0.7x5x550mm

Wood strips measure 0.7x5x550mm. Value-pack of 10 strips of premium laser cut wood.

(Size is approximately .03 inches thick (1/36) by .2 inches wide (1/5), and 21.65 inches in length.

Mahogany is the wood of choice of many modelers for deck planking and structures. It is a colored from brown to red and has long fibers. Natural mahogany is weather resistant and maintains a beautiful look when waxed, varnished, or has a urethane clear coat applied.

Helpful Tools:

Sanding, Files, and Abrasives

Hammers, Nails, & Pins

Saws and Saw Blades

Marking & Measuring Tools

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