Scale model of the Phantom Classic American Runabout

1:15 scale Wooden hull 5.91″H 27.17″L 5.91″W

Phantom Classic American Runabout: A Classic American runabout from the mid-1920s. This type of boat was mainly used as racing boats, but in some cases also as tenders, for those who had a lager yacht. Racing boats from that time was build in beautiful classic materials such as teak and mahogany. If you had a 100-150 hp engine back then, you had one of the most powerful engines.

The model is based on a fast 34 foot tender. Kit includes laser cut wooden hull and wooden strips, stern tube with shaft, rudder, fittings set, plan and manual. Scale model of an American sports boat. 1:15 scale Wooden hull 5.91″H 27.17″L 5.91″W

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#7, BB#8, BB#11, BB#14, BB#15m BB#16, BB#17, BB#36, + BB#40 thinner/cleaner.



  • BB710
  • 1:15 scale
  • Wooden hull
  • 5.91″H 27.17″L 5.91″W

About: Phantom

Phantom Classic American Runabout

During the mid-1920’s, the Classic American runabout was a popular and iconic symbol of the roaring twenties. These sleek and stylish boats were designed for speed and luxury, and were often seen cruising along the coastlines of the United States. The runabout was a small, open motorboat that typically had a length of 20-30 feet and could seat 4-6 people comfortably. They were powered by a single inboard engine, usually a powerful V8, which allowed them to reach impressive speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

The design of the Phantom Classic American Runabout was heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement, which was characterized by its sleek and streamlined aesthetic. These boats featured long, low profiles with a pointed bow and a curved stern, giving them a graceful and elegant appearance. The hulls were typically made of wood, with mahogany and teak being the most popular choices, and were often finished with a glossy varnish that added to their luxurious look.

One of the most notable features of the Classic American runabout was its cockpit, which was designed to provide maximum comfort and style for its passengers. The seats were often upholstered in plush leather or velvet, and the dashboard was adorned with chrome and polished wood accents. Many runabouts also had a small cabin below deck, equipped with a bed and basic amenities, making them suitable for overnight trips.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these boats were also known for their impressive handling and performance on the water. The V8 engines provided a smooth and powerful ride, and the hull design allowed for easy maneuvering and sharp turns. This made the runabout a popular choice for water sports such as water skiing and racing.

The Classic American runabout was not only a symbol of luxury and leisure, but it also represented the booming economy and carefree lifestyle of the 1920s. These boats were often owned by the wealthy elite, who would use them for weekend getaways and lavish parties. They were also a status symbol, with many people aspiring to own one and be a part of the glamorous world of boating.

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