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  • BB570
  • No scale
  • Plastic hull
  • 11.81″H 21.26″L 6.3″W
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Typical model of an American Fishing boat. No scale. Plastic hull 11.81″H 21.26″L 6.3″W

A model of a typical American motor boat , used in tuna fishing in Florida in particular. A motor boat model with a plastic hull. Kit includes plastic hull, lasercut wooden strips, stern tube with shaft, rudder, fittings set, plan and manual. No scale. Plastic hull 11.81″H 21.26″L 6.3″W

This kit comes with English instructions, all measurements inside the booklet are in Metric.

Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#3, BB#9, BB#11, BB#12, BB#14, BB#17, + BB#40 thinner

Helpful Tools:

Paint & Accessories

Handy 9-Piece Model Tool Set

Tweezers and Pick-up Tools

Magnifying Tools & Headlamps

Knives, Blades, and Cutters

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in


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