Cutty Sark

Scale model of the Cutty Sark a tea clipper from the year 1869

1:75 scale Wooden hull 26.38″H 43.31″L 5.91″W (expert)

Cutty Sark is a British clipper ship. Built on the Clyde in 1869 for the Jock Willis Shipping Line, she was one of the last tea clippers to be built and one of the fastest, coming at the end of a long period of design development which halted as sailing ships gave way to steam propulsion. The most famous of all tea clippers, the Cutty Sark is today preserved for posterity at a dry dock in Greenwich. Built to transport tea from China, she was designed by Hercules Linton, whose ambition it was to outstrip the Thermopylae, the fastest ship of the times.


The Cutty Sark is a legendary sailing ship that has captured the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world. Built in 1869 in Scotland, this magnificent vessel was originally designed to transport tea from China to England. Its sleek and elegant design, with its tall masts and billowing sails, made it one of the fastest ships of its time. The Cutty Sark was named after a famous witch in Scottish folklore, known for her ability to outrun anyone who dared to chase her. And true to its namesake, the ship was known for its incredible speed and agility on the open seas.

Kit includes laser cut wooden hull and wooden strips, stern tube with shaft, rudder, fittings set, sails, rigging thread, plan and manual. Scale model of a tea clipper from the year 1869. 1:75 scale Wooden hull 26.38″H 43.31″L 5.91″W

Paints needed for this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#5, BB#7, BB#11, BB#12, BB#14, BB#16, BB#17, BB#23, BB#36 + BB#40 thinner

  • BB564
  • 1:75 scale
  • Wooden hull
  • 26.38″H  43.31″L  5.91″W
  • Expert level

About: Cutty Sark

More information about the sailing ship the Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark was a true masterpiece of engineering, with its hull made of sturdy oak and its masts and rigging made of strong and flexible materials. Its three tall masts, reaching up to 152 feet, were able to hold a total of 32 sails, allowing the ship to catch the wind and glide through the water with ease. The ship’s design also included a sharp and narrow bow, which helped it to cut through the waves and maintain its speed even in rough seas.

But the Cutty Sark was not just a fast and efficient ship, it was also a work of art. Its hull was painted a striking black and white, with intricate gold designs adorning its sides. The ship’s figurehead, a beautiful woman in a flowing dress, added to its majestic appearance. The interior of the ship was just as impressive, with luxurious cabins for the captain and crew, and a spacious cargo hold for the tea and other goods it transported.

The Cutty Sark’s most famous voyage was in 1872, when it raced against another tea clipper, the Thermopylae, to see which ship could bring the first tea of the season back to England. The race was intense and closely contested, with both ships pushing their limits to be the first to reach the finish line. In the end, the Cutty Sark emerged victorious, beating the Thermopylae by just a few days.

Over the years, the Cutty Sark continued to make voyages across the globe, carrying various cargoes and even serving as a training ship for young sailors. But as steam-powered ships became more popular, the Cutty Sark’s days as a tea clipper came to an end. In 1922, it was retired and put on display in London, where it still stands today as a popular tourist attraction.

The Cutty Sark’s legacy lives on, not only through its impressive speed and beauty, but also through its enduring spirit and determination. It has become a symbol of the golden age of sailing ships, and a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of those who built and sailed her.

The Cutty Sark will forever be remembered as a true icon of the sea, and a reminder of the incredible feats that can be achieved through determination and hard work.

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