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524 Evelyn Rose


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 Wooden hull 1:20 scale 23.62"H 33.07"L 11.81"W

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Scale model of an English Fishing Trawler. Wooden hull 1:20 scale 23.62"H 33.07"L 11.81"W

On New Year’s Eve, 1954, at about 1 in the morning, under the command of skipper Dawson, the Evelyn Rose struck the shore to the north of Ardtornish Point due to her passing the wrong side of the light. Ardtornish Point is low lying and the cliffs a few hundred yards inshore obscured it on the radar screen. This caused the skipper to overestimate the distance to the light and she hit the rocks 15 yards to the north west of the light. She then slipped into deep water and sank within minutes about 100 yards from shore. 12 crewmen were lost and 2 were saved. Skipper Dawson was on watch with 2 deckhands but the rest of the crew were turned in. When they got ashore, the two survivors walked 5 miles in bare feet through bogland and it took them 4 hours to reach the nearest village. Two bodies were later recovered from the beach. The skipper's brother, George Dawson was a deckhand on the Wyre Nab, which was following the Evelyn Rose at the time. The Wyre Nab avoided the same fate as the Evelyn Rose because she had been forced to take a different route after the boats radar had broken. It was deemed safer for them to sail out past Oban instead. 

The site of the wreck of the Evelyn Rose was discovered in 2004. Underwater scans showed a scar on the seabed and this indicated that the vessel slid as she went down. Divers now want to go down to inspect the wreck. 

Wooden hull 1:20 scale 23.62"H 33.07"L 11.81"W. This kit contains English translation instructions, all measurements in the booklet are in Metric.