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    Henry Hudson (1565-1611) was an English explorer who received a commission from the Dutch East India Company to find a Northern trading route to China and Japan. Wooden hull 1:40 SCALE 24.8"H 26.38"L 7.87"W (experienced)

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    1:50 scale Wooden hull 25.59"H 30.71"L 5.91"W (experienced)

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    A three-masted galleon launched in 1615. Length 19.50 m, breadth 7.95 m, draught 3.35 m and a displacement of 180 tons. The earliest information about the Mayflower dates from 6th September 1620.  1:60 scale Wooden hull 20.47"H 25.59"L 5.31"W (experienced)

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     1:75 scale Wooden hull. 35.43"H 39.76"L 7.87"W 

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    The Vasa (or Wasa) is a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. She was built on the orders of the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus as part of the military expansion he initiated in a war with Poland-Lithuania (1621–1629). Scale model of a three masted ship. 1:75 scale Wooden hull. 31.1"H 38.58"L 7.48"W (expert)

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     1:75 scale Wooden hull 26.38"H 43.31"L 5.91"W (expert)

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    The Dutch "SuperTug", #506 Fairmount Alpine kit can be static or converted to R/C use. It has a wooden hull that is made using laser cut basswood plywood on bulkhead (rather than plank-on-frame). Designed using the most advanced methods, all laser cut wood, and complete with all fittings. This

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items